4GTGIT follows storage projects from the initial idea through the planning stage right up to successful implementation. You may Leverage our advanced capabilities to manage your data growth, protect data and gain actionable insights.

Sooner or later, your small business will need more space for data storage. Information in the form of e-mails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, audio files and spreadsheets is the lifeblood of most companies, and the applications that run and protect your business require a lot of disk space. In addition, a number of trends are fueling our growing hunger for storage.

It is important to focus on the specific needs and long-term business goals of your organization. Several key criteria to consider when deciding your data storage solution:

  • Capacity - the amount and type of data (file level or block level) that needs to be stored and shared
  • Performance - I/O and throughput requirements
  • Scalability - Long-term data growth
  • Availability and Reliability - how mission-critical are your applications?
  • Data protection - Backup and recovery requirements
  • IT staff and resources available
  • Budget concerns

Types of Technology in Data Storage:

Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

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