Modern day business requires convergence of data and voice cabling services to support various communication services like video conferencing, security applications like CCTV, Voice IP PBX, Voice Analogue PBX, VoIP, and many more. It is important to have an organized cabling system which supports clear labeling of wires to ensure more flexibility and better working conditions. Planning is the key to ensure a high performance network infrastructure. The installation of voice and data cabling system is governed by a set of standards using Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 or Fiber Optic. Structured Cabling System allows easy accessibility features which further facilitate regular maintenance and upgrades. Also, in case of any problem, it becomes easier to troubleshoot an organized cabling system thereby improving productivity. Reports suggest that improper cabling can cause up to 80% of your communication failures. The cabling system also determines the available network bandwidth and capacity which translates into your business capabilities. In order to ensure that your technology is scalable with your business operations, you need to plan for future and stay ahead of your competitors. We build networks for speed, reliability and stability, providing connectivity, automation and management to our enterprise clients as well as SMBs (small and medium-size business)

  • Choose the best cabling system because it's a long term investment
  • Label the wires appropriately to facilitate further upgrades, maintenance or troubleshooting
  • A basic data cabinet allows an organized and easy to manage system Horizontal and vertical cable management makes structure cabling system more manageable
  • Always make use of latest technology and trends
  • Ensure to comply with the standards set for structured cabling system
  • Test your cabling system thoroughly to make sure that it is suitable for your business needs
  • While planning the cable pathway, avoid noise interference which can be introduced by electrical wires, motors, lighting etc.

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