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During the weekly Visit/s our consultant will:

  • Act as if he is one of your employees without being on your company’s payroll
  • Will show early at the morning at the customer’s regular attendance time and leaves at the customer’s regular departure time, typically 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Will take his job-orders from the customer’s IT coordinator to solve all IT problems.
  • Will coordinate between the customer and all support sections under the technical support department at GTGIT to widen the support coverage should be given to the customer.
  • Moreover; our consultant will handle communications and reporting issues with customer’s external parties such as IT internal/external auditors, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) … etc.

64The services granted directly by our Help-Desk consultant and/or indirectly by all other technical sectors are as follow:

  • Help desk
  • Server administration
  • System administration
  • LAN administration
  • Professional Service and Security

Technical services provided by GTGIT staff shall include -but not limited to- :

  • Helpdesk, support, troubleshooting and problem-solving for all IT devices.
  • System administration and servers problems involving software faults.
  • Set-up and configuration of new hardware.
  • Solving Hardware defects or failure need to be maintained.
  • Checking security updates of Microsoft operating systems.
  • Virus scanning, cleaning and updating virus definitions.
  • Installing, adjusting and fin-tuning common-used software (Windows, Office, Anti-Virus)
  • Network administration & troubleshooting, Checking network components and LAN connectivity, and checking backup process.
  • LAN & WAN utilization tests and following up communication lines.
  • Setting up security policies for entire network (Servers, Clients)
  • Smart phone support.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of the IT department to up to 50% by reducing the number of divisions and staff recruited. And only hire dedicated IT team to handle and develop the ERP systems & applications directly related to the client activity.
  • Reduce the indirect cost of employment such as Income & payroll taxes, social insurance, healthcare programs, dividends, mobile and car allowances, etc..
  • Improve the quality and level of performance, expertise and experience associated with your IT function while gaining an unbiased perspective.
  • Remove management headaches associated with administering benefit plans, hiring and employee evaluations
  • Eliminate the impact of employee turnover at your organization.
  • Continuity of technical services regardless of certain employee persistence.
  • Improve company focus allowing more attention to business and profits growth.