7Building your data center to cover your business requirements should keep in consideration some important elements such as Industry and marketing plans, investor’s vision and expectations, business sizing keeping an eye on future growing possibilities, in addition to applications and systems should be used to serve your industry such as engineering applications, Financial, manufacturing and Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP) systems.

Knowing all these factors allows us in GTGIT to represent, implement, and support solutions to launch customers from their current state into a more mature IT arena by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors to fit your unique requirements and setting you above competition. We strive to build quality solutions that bring efficiency, effectiveness, security, and return on investments.

77777Our certified engineers with unique technology skills can assist providing installation, customization, support and troubleshooting services for the following:

  • Analyze and advise your hardware and software needs according to your current business environment, business sizing, applications used, and your future vision about the growing expectations.
  • Delivery of hardware and software elements required for your customized solution.
  • Hardware Installation of Rack cabinets and its components including Servers, Blade Centers, SAN Storage controllers, Backup Devices and autoloaders, UPS Systems, PDUs, and KVMs…. Etc. 
  • Installation of Domain, DNS, Server operating systems.
  • Installation of Server applications such as SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and Configuration Manager … etc.
  • Automated Backup solutions (Symantec Backup Exec and IBM Tevoli)
  • Automated AntiVirus Solutions (Symantec, Mcafee, CasperSky)
  • FireWall Software and Hardware security systems.
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