GTGIT enables businesses to be successful by designing and implementing Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN and WAN) that maximize the potential of data technologies to facilitate the exchange of information. We provide our clients turn-key solutions using wide range of passive and active components

  • Passive components:

    - Copper cables patch panels, faceplates, connectors (Cat5, Cat6, Cat7)

    - Fiber-optic cables (multimode or single mode)

    - Rack cabinets and accessories

  • Active components:

    - Network adapters

    - Ethernet switches, routing switches and WAN routers

    - Wireless adapters and access points

Wire-1It became a must to allow users to move around within a local coverage area, and still remain connected to the network, the successful cabling system design should keep in consideration that all users can access all network resources from any location within the wireless network's coverage area or from any WiFi hotspot. In addition; you will give secure network access to your guests, customers and business partners, knowing that Advances in wireless networks provide robust security protections.

In the past, some believed wired networks were faster and more secure than wireless networks. But continual enhancements to wireless networking standards and technologies have eroded those speed and security differences.